A Card to my Wife on my 2nd marriage anniversary

Dearest Chanai,

I love you so much. We been married for 2 years, Wow! It’s still a ‘baby marriage’ but what a dream it is, especially when we remember the days we could only hope we would actually get married. Now we are!

My heart is full. Full of gratitude to God our Father, for bringing us together, moving mountains for us to get married, going above and beyond to provide us with a place to live, sustaining and blessing us with permanent jobs. What a wonderful Father He is! This does not even scratch the surface of the depths of all he has done for us in Christ Jesus. Solace on earth, hope for eternity!

As I look to the future, I am determined to love you and let Jesus teach me how to lay down my life for you, everyday. This is impossible without Him and I’m glad that I finally see that.

I’m sorry for the many times in the past year when I have acted or reacted out of the sinfulness of my heart and have also used your sinfulness or imperfection as an excuse to say or do things that were not godly.

I have seen how incredibly difficult it is for me not to be offended by the most silly things, act self righteous, harbour anger, bitterness and maliciously withhold my affections from you. I’m a broken man. I’m so sorry and I’m devastated by this. I feel weak and terrible. Sometimes I consider myself too dead to be made alive, too damaged to be restored, too ugly to be beautifully transformed.

Despite all this I look to the future with great hope. Jesus came for people like me, powerless to save themselves! He has power to lift me up and make me the husband I should be for you. I have seen him at work already and have resolved to depend on Him completely to enable me to love you.

Happy marriage anniversary my Love! Last year we celebrated in a lovely luxury caravan which was a massive gift from two wonderful people, to us. This year we celebrate in the familiar walls of our home, unable to go out. We’ll make the most of it.

May the year ahead be one of personal devotion and joint diligence in seeking Jesus. Being serious with our spiritual disciplines and living out what we hear, see, read and sing about Jesus and His compelling exemplary love!

May our love be steadfast through the joys and sorrows ahead. He who holds us is Faithful.

Much Love,


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