City On A Hill

This is a Christ-centred establishment which creates deeply engaging bible study resources using the power of visuals such as films and series.

It is very dear to me. In 2014, thanks to my former Pastor, I watched one of their productions called Not A Fan. God used it to give me an absolutely massive push I needed to fully surrender my life to Him and begin to actually live my Christian life. My mostly religious christian life (full of defeat to sin, lack of true repentance etc.) was exposed and the choice between Jesus or the world was made very clear to me. It was very clear at the time that I was merely a fan of Jesus who was stalling on the call to count the cost and become His follower. This was very humbling especially because I grew up attending Church and asked Jesus into my life to when I was 7 years old.

In a sense, Not A Fan was probably the first resource which pointed me in the direction of The Light Train. I have shared it with more people than I can even remember. I was just so amazed that such a heart-hitting resource was out there and many Christians don’t know about it.

I encourage you to visit City On A Hill’s website and explore their wonderful resources!

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