Jesus & Sexual Desire – Tim Mackie

I watched this sermon with no distractions, mind fully immersed in what was being said and to the glory of God, I will never be the same by His grace.

Some of us have gone too far on the path to destruction when it comes to sexual desires. We have consistently acted on impulse to the point that our thinking on sex is utterly perverted. It gets to a point where you feel you’ve gone past the point of return such that it’s pointless to restrain yourself anymore.

There’s good news in this teaching for us. Jesus set an impossibly high standard for us humans, but can heal our hearts and enable us attain it through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. In His word he takes us to the heart of the issue – our hearts. What goes on in the privacy of our minds which directs our lustful glances and imaginations? – a broken and spiritually impaired heart.

I encourage you to find time to watch this, preferably when you are well rested and wide awake so you can flow with the sequence of thoughts and truths being unpacked.

There are people in your life who need this message – both men and women. Share it with your friends, share it with your family. May God use it to shine his light into hearts.

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